Russia has fitted one its jets with a Go Pro in order to capture footage of it dropping bombs in Syria.

The aircraft can be seen taking off and releasing the weapons midflight, before showing the results on the ground.

Russia Go Pro Syria.png

The plane was operating from the Hmeymim Air Base near Latakia.

Since initiating air strikes against militant targets in Syria, Russia has released several videos of its involvement in the country.

Over the weekend, Russia intensified its attacks in the Homs and Idlib provinces, despite criticism from Nato countries.

The latest member of this alliance to criticise Putin's decision was Turkey, with President Erdogan saying that Ankara was "saddened and perturbed" by Russia's "grave mistake".

The bombings recently became an unexpected addition to a Russian weather report, when maps and tables were used to inform the audience that it was "excellent weather conditions for air strikes."