British ‘Jihadi Sally’ ridicules UN sanctions

Jones was one of four Britons suspected of leading recruitment drives and plotting terrorist attacks against the UK and elsewhere added to a UN list

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One of four British jihadis hit by international sanctions has appeared to mock the move.

A post from a Twitter account thought to belong to Sally-Anne Jones taunted the Government after it was revealed that she was being made subject to a travel ban as part of attempts to stem the flow of Isis recruits.

The tweet referred to “laughing out loud” at the measure and finished with a smiley face symbol.

The post, made on an account under a version of a pseudonym linked to the 46-year-old, said: “Just found out from a article that David Cameron has put me on a UN Sanctions list as i lol England for giving me a travel ban :)”

In another tweet the user vowed to fight England “until my last breath”. The ownership of the account has not been independently verified.

Jones and three other high-profile UK extremists have been added to a United Nations list and also face a freeze of their assets.

Analysts suggested the impact of the measures on their activities is likely to be limited.

Shashank Joshi, of the security think-tank the Royal United Services Institute, said: “The way to view this is as a legal instrument.

“It is not going to particularly help with finding them or anything like that but it does make sure there are no legal loopholes if they seek to move around, if they try and travel back through Europe.”

He added: “On the whole it does not change very much.”

It is the first time since 2006 that the UK has sought to place its own nationals under the United Nations sanctions regime set up to tackle suspected al-Qaeda terrorists and extended to Isis.