Saudi-led coalition bombs Sanaa 24 hours ahead of five-day truce with Yemen's Houthi rebels - video

The ceasefire will allow the UN to deliver much needed aid to the beleaguered nation

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Just 24 hours ahead of a planned five-day truce in Yemen, the country’s capital Sanaa has been hit with one of the worst days of bombing since a  Saudi-led coalition began their air campaign against Houthi rebels in late March.

In videos taken by residents in Sanaa massive explosions can be seen across the capital before a planned ceasefire to allow the UN to deliver essential aid into the beleaguered country begins today at 8pm GMT on Tuesday.

The city of Saada in the north of the country was also badly hit, with airstrikes targeting the Houthi stronghold.

Watch the dramatic explosions in Sanaa below

In one video, the person that filmed the bombing describes one of the blasts as “the mother of all explosions” as fire and smoke can be seen rising up from what is thought to be an arms base situated just north of the Yemeni capital.

It was later reported that debris from the blast had scattered across residential areas, however no deaths have yet to be reported. The fighting has intensified over the last few days in the lead up to a ceasefire that will see the United Nations (UN) transport much needed fuel and food into Yemen.

The Houthi rebels accepted the Saudi proposal on Sunday after negotiations "following the mediation from friendly countries".

Both sides have warned that they will resume fighting if the ceasefire is not observed.

According to the UN, over 1,400 people die as a result of the conflict in Yemen, with many more displaced by the fighting. The UN has been very critical of the Saudi-led coalition, which also includes Morocco, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, saying that the coalition is effectively bombing “trapped civillians.”

The UN says over half of the 1,400 killed so far have been civillians.