'Sex on beach' pair set to return to UK

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A British man convicted of having sex on a Dubai beach will return to the UK on Friday, his lawyer said today.

Vince Acors, 34, of Bromley, south-east London and Michelle Palmer, 36, of Oakham, Rutland, were found guilty of the offence following a trial in the Gulf state.

They were initially issued with three-month jail terms but these were suspended on appeal.

Andrew Crossley, Acors' London-based lawyer, said deportation orders issued to the pair would now be enforced. He said Acors would land at London's Heathrow Airport at 2pm on Friday.

He added Palmer was expected to return around the same time.

"Vince is returning this Friday," said Mr Crossley, of ACS Law.

"They are both in custody in a Dubai prison at the moment as part of the deportation process. Vince is being released to catch a flight on Friday. I do not know what is happening with Michelle but I would imagine she would be coming back at about the same time."

Acors and Palmer were seen having sex on Jumeirah Beach in the early hours of 5 July after meeting at a champagne brunch in a five-star hotel on the Emirate.

They had denied having unmarried sex and public indecency but admitted being drunk.

Palmer, who was working in Dubai as a publishing executive, was sacked after the allegations emerged. Acors had been visiting the country at the time.

"I'm sure Vince is just ecstatic that he is coming home," said Mr Crossley. "He is very keen to get back. That has been his only focus for the past five months."