Six killed as car bomb hits Baghdad cafe

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The Independent Online
A car bomb targeting an Iraqi patrol killed six people, including three police officers, and injured 26 others, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said today.</p>The blast occurred last night in Baghdad's Jadiriyah district, hitting a cafe near al-Hussein Square, said spokesman Col. Adnan Abdul-Rahman. The vehicle was loaded with 500 to 600 kilograms (1,100-1,300 pounds) of explosives, he said</p>Among the wounded were 11 policemen, he said. The cafe is located in an area with several foreign embassies and corporate offices.</p>Brig. Peter Hutchinson, commander of Australian forces in the Middle East, said: "The blast was actually some distance from the embassy and our security detachment â” over a few hundred meters â” and there are no military personnel that were injured."</p>