Syrian rebel group the Supreme Military Council seeks Sharia inquiry into killing of commander Kamal Hamami by al-Qa'ida-linked group


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Syria’s main rebel group said on Monday it wanted an Islamic court to investigate the death of one of its top commanders, who was killed by al-Qa’ida-linked rebels last week.

The Western-backed Supreme Military Council said Abu Ayman al-Baghdadi – the leader of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, and its main suspect in the murder of Kamal Hamami – is in hiding and there is no sign he will be handed over to the court in Aleppo.

“The Sharia court will look into the case... All sides have been informed about this, the military council wants the killer to be handed over,” Qassem Saadeddine, spokesman of the Supreme Military Council, said.

The killing has pitted rebel against rebel, although the council has appeared to pull back from the aggressive statements it directed at the Islamic State.

Government forces meanwhile launched air strikes and ground assaults near the northern city of Idlib yesterday, killing at least 29 people including six children, activists said.