The real 'Hurt Locker': Photographs show the moment bomb disposal expert defuses device strapped to bomber's chest


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In a scene reminiscent of the Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker, images have emerged of a bomb disposal expert, dressed head-to-toe in protective gear, defusing a bomb strapped to a man wearing a suicide vest in Afghanistan.

The remarkable images show a member of the Afghan bomb disposal unit approaching the potential suicide attacker and calmly diffusing a device strapped to his chest.

According to reports the man was captured by security services before he was able to detonate the bomb in Jalalabad earlier today.

The soldiers that captured the man tied his arms around his back in order to prevent him from setting off the device.

It was also reported today that Afghan forces stopped another potential suicide attack in Kabul when a man dressed in uniform was shot dead.

The US is currently trying to revive a stalled peace process in the country ahead of the withdrawal of 100,000 Nato troops next year.

Video: Troops disarm suicide bomber