Three foreign advisors killed after suicide bomb attack in Kabul

Taliban have claimed the attack, which also killed an Afghan interpreter

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Three foreign advisers and an Afghan interpreter were killed in a suicide attack near Kabul international airport today.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the bomb, detonated outside an anti-narcotics office, just days after Kabul’s airport was audaciously attacked by militants with grenades and automatic weapons.

Several other individuals nearby were injured.

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The airport hosts military and civilian carriers, serving as a major operational base for NATO-led forces who have been fighting the Taliban for more than a decade.

The latest attack comes at a tense time in Afghanistan in the aftermath of the disputed second round of a presidential election - seen as key to ensuring a peaceful transfer of power ahead of the withdrawal of most foreign troops by the end of the year. 

But since fraud was alleged on both sides, the deal negotiated over the weekend by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry provides that every one of the eight million ballots will be audited under national and international supervision over the next three or four weeks. 

The prolonged uncertainty about the outcome of the election, along with a Taliban spring offensive seeking to undermine the Western-backed government, comes as both British and American troops prepare to withdraw by the end of this year.

The security situation in Afghanistan, which has long seen near-daily attacks, continues to be precarious. 

On Tuesday last week, a suicide bomber blew up a car packed with explosives near a busy market and a mosque in eastern Afghanistan, killing dozens of people in one of the deadliest insurgent attacks on civilians since the 2001 U.S.-led invasion to topple the Taliban.