Troops 'kill 35 al-Qa'ida militants' in Yemen


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Yemen says its troops have killed 35 al-Qa'ida militants in an attack on a hideout in the country's south, part of a wider offensive.

The attack comes four days after al-Qa'ida claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing on a military parade rehearsal in the capital, Sanaa.

The bombing killed 96 Yemeni soldiers. Funerals for 67 of the soldiers were held today.

The Yemeni military took control of Wadi Banaa Arab, near the town of Jaar, another al-Qa'ida stronghold, officials said.

For several weeks, Yemen's military has been pushing an offensive against al-Qa'ida, aiming to uproot the militants from territory they overran during more than a year of internal political turmoil in Yemen. Casualties have been high on both sides.