An RT news team led by journalist Lizzie Phelan came under fire yesterday as they assessed the damage in the Syrian city of Zabadani. In the past weeks rebel groups have slowly lost control of the area to the government  though it is still estimated that 200-300 of these groups remain around Zabadani.

The crew came under cross-fire of a skirmish between the two groups, heavy artillery fire can be heard in the video below. Lizzie Phelan told RT news "It seems that there are snipers firing at our position… sniper positions were firing towards us… so we had to leave the area very quickly" the crew were forced to hide among the ruins of the city until firing ceased.

"As we were leaving, we also had a Syrian army helicopter above us and we saw one of the missiles dropped on the last small area that the rebels still held control" Phelan added.