Watch Iraqi air strikes destroy Isis training camp

The strikes are part of a series of coordinated attacks on Isis

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The Iraqi army has destroyed an Isis training camp in Anbar in a series of air strikes this week.

Footage released by Iraq’s Ministry of Defence yesterday shows a several buildings being targeted in the attack.

The strike reportedly killed at least 20 militants and wounded dozens, while a weapons storage building and vehicles belonging to the group were hit.

It is thought that locals notified security forces of the camp after Isis took the area and expelled farmers living there.

"Iraqi aircraft destroyed an ISIL camp in an agricultural area outside al-Qaim near the Syria border, killing at least 20 terrorists and destroying a rocket launcher, two mud-brick structures used to store weapons and explosives, and four vehicles parked outside," Anbar army commander Major General Qassim al-Mohammedi told Al-Shorfa.


The air strikes are part of a series of coordinated attacks on Isis, as coalition forces continue their assault on Isis in both Syria and Iraq.

The strikes took place over a 24-hour period, the Combined Joint Task Force said on Tuesday.