Two shot dead during Gangnam Style wedding dance in Yemen

A mobile phone video appears to show three men shot dead while dancing after guest with AK-47 loses control of gun

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A wedding celebration in Yemen ended in catastrophe after a guest shot three people by mistake when he attempted to fire his AK-47 in the air while crowds danced to gangnam style.

The tragic incident was captured on a mobile phone and has been published on video sharing site LiveLeak (warning: graphic content).

The video opens with a young man shooting a gun into the air, as South Korea pop star Psy’s hit Gangnam Style begins to play.

A group of men and boys, including the one holding the AK-47, are then seen dancing to the song, with a number of others watching.

As the song reaches the chorus machine gun fire is suddenly heard again, and the camera shoots upwards.

When it pans down, bodies are seen lying on the floor in pools of blood. The music stops and shouting men run to the injured and dead.

The footage has not been independently verified.

Celebratory gunfire is very common in Yemen, with frequent reports of accidental deaths at weddings as a result.