You could now face 10 years in an Israeli prison for throwing stones

Clamp down on stone throwers approved by government committee

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Protestors who throw stones in Israel could face up to 10 years behind bars, following a crucial vote yesterday.

The bill would mean that people in Israel could be imprisoned for a maximum for 10 years for “throwing stones or other objects at travelling vehicles in a manner that could endanger the passenger’s safety” or harm the vehicle.

The bill was approved by an Israeli ministerial legal committee yesterday and now faces a series of parliamentary readings before becoming law. 

Stone throwing is a frequent occurrence in clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police in the West Bank.

Under current laws, stone throwers can receive a maximum prison sentence of two years.

The Times of Israel reports that the proposal to increase sentencing for the crime has been pushed forward by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the course of the last year.

Speaking ahead of yesterday’s vote, Mr Netanyahu said: “Israel is taking vigorous action against terrorists and those who throw stones, fire bombs and fireworks. We will also pass stronger legislation on the issue. All of this is in order to restore quiet and security throughout Jerusalem.”