Mongolians fear mystery Chinese inoculations

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ULAN BATOR (Reuter) - Mongolians returning from business or tourist trips to China have been forced by Chinese health authorities to receive mystery inoculations before crossing the border home.

Mongolian officials say as many as 1,000 Mongolians were forcibly injected with Chinese 'anti-plague' vaccine at the border-crossing in the town of Erlian before being allowed to buy bus or train tickets home last month.

'If Mongolians were injected when we entered (China) we would take it as prevention of disease,' said businessman Dashpeljeegiyn Sodgerel, who yesterday visited a clinic in Ulan Bator to have his blood checked. 'But as we were leaving, we have some suspicion we've been injected with some disease.'

Mongolia has lodged protests with health authorities in Peking as well as with the Chinese ambassador in Ulan Bator, the officials said.