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Narasimha Rao corruption case

The political future of India's former prime minister, Narasimha Rao, looked uncertain after a judge rejected his appeal against a summons to testify in a corruption case. Mr Rao, 75, must now appear as a co- defendant in a case of conspiring to cheat an expatriate Indian, Lakhubai Pathak, of $100,000 (pounds 65,000). Mr Pathak claims to have paid Chandraswami, a guru associated with Mr Rao, $100,000 in 1983 to win a state contract for paper pulp and newsprint.

The businessmen alleges that Mr Rao, who was foreign minister at the time, assured him at a meeting in a Manhattan hotel in 1983: "Your work will be done." The former prime minister denies this, saying he was not in New York on the dates which were mentioned by Mr Pathak. Reuter - New Delhi