`New team' is in charge of China

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Paris - The daughter of the Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping said yesterday that the destiny of China was already in the hands of a new team. Deng Rong, in Paris to promote a book about her father, said she hoped that foreign nations would begin to shift their attention more to her father's successors. She said he had not appeared on television recently because there was already a team of successors. "He is in good health, but evidently he is getting older and these are the rules of nature," she told France-2. "But if he were in very bad health, I would not have been able to leave Peking to come here for my private visit."

The United States announced sanctions that will double the price of $1.08bn (£692m) in Chinese imports from 26 February, in view of a failure to resolve a dispute over intellectual property piracy.China announced higher tariffs on some US goods. AP