New video shows POV footage from Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking space jump

GoPro's Super Bowl commercial gives an insight into what the sky dive was really like

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The world held its breath when Austrian astronaut Felix Baumgartner plunged 24 miles to earth  from outer space – and now previously unseen footage allows viewers to experience the space dive for themselves from different angles.

GoPro's 30-second Super Bowl advert documents what the record-breaking skydiver saw during his epic plunge to Earth in October 2012.

In the commercial, Baumgartner can be heard saying: "The whole world is watching. I'm coming home now." Then he jumps.

According to GoPro, seven of the company's HERO2 cameras were documenting the event. The advert is an edited version of an 8-minute video.

The spot will run in ten markets during the annual game.

Baumgartner ascended into the atmosphere in a stratospheric balloon, before free-falling to Earth at a rate that broke the speed of sound.