No decision on SA violence

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GABORONE (AFP) - Talks between the South African government and the Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC) ended without result here yesterday after the movement refused to suspend its armed struggle.

South Africa's Minister of Law and Order, Hernus Kriel, told a press conference he had demanded that the PAC cease armed attacks on whites, but the PAC delegation said it did not have the authority to do this. The PAC delegation leader, Willie Sereti, said the movement's national executive would 'urgently' consider the government's demand.

In Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela had lengthy talks yesterday with a leading Afrikaner separatist. 'We concentrated on the demand for self-determination for Afrikaners,' he said after two hours of talks with Carel Boshoff, leader of the Afrikaner Freedom Foundation. 'We pointed out that we are sympathetic to this demand,' Mr Mandela said, adding that the ANC wanted to reassure whites that one-man-one-vote did not mean black domination.

Mr Boshoff's group wants to establish an independent Afrikaner state.