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Soldiers of the Black Watch (top left) carry folded British flags back to barracks in Hong Kong after they have been lowered at six o'clock in the evening - one of the many British traditions, some might say eccentricities, greeted with a mixture of amusement and indifference by the local Chinese. (Above) British expatriates getting to know local women in Carnigies Club, in the Wan Chai district, where most of the dancing is done on tables; a far cry from the days when, at height of the empire, such "fraternisation" was frowned upon. But disapproval did nothing stop to the district becoming a favourite haunt of sailors whenever they called into port.

A Chinese nanny, or amah, walking hand in hand with her European charges (left); and a businessman (above) sitting for a shoe-shine before boarding the Star Ferry from Hong Kong island to mainland Kowloon. (Below) one of the Star Ferries - each bearing the word "Star" as part of her name - heading across the harbour to Central district. The channel has shrunk in width as land has been reclaimed from the water to build the high-rise buildings characteristic of the colony and emblematic of its huge financial success.