Party to back Deng's reforms

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PEKING (Reuter) - The ruling politburo of China's Communist Party has set 12 October as the starting date for the 14th party congress, which will determine policy for the next five years, the official Xinhua news agency said. The last congress was held in 1987.

Analysts say the congress is expected to endorse the dramatic economic reforms of Deng Xiaoping, the 88-year-old leader. Xinhua tipped a new, younger look for China's leadership after the congress, which will elect the new central committee.

The central committee sets the Communist Party's course between congresses. The congress is the broadest-based policymaking body.

The news agency said the congress would give a ringing endorsement to reform.

It would 'mobilise the whole party members and the people of all nationalities throughout the country to further emancipate their minds and seize the opportune moment to accelerate the pace of reform, opening to the outside world and modernisation to win still greater victories in the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.'

The latter phrase is Deng's codeword for the use of capitalist- style methods to maintain the party's rule.