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What do you give a supermodel who has everything? Her own TV show. Claudia Schiffer is to start hosting a chat show on German television in the spring, and she plans to not bore viewers with ordinary questions .

"Instead of having an ordinary interview with Paul Newman, I would cook with him," she told the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. "Or I would ask Bill Clinton questions while we jog. Sylvester Stallone is very interested in art, so I could browse through an art gallery with him."

Ms Schiffer said she was more interested in the men behind the faces than in their work. "I'm no political expert," she said. "I might talk to President Clinton, for example, about the health-insurance system. I would ask Sylvester Stallone what his favourite movies are. I might ask Paul Newman to reveal his barbecue sauce recipe."

The secret of her success is not just her looks, claims Ms Schiffer. "Beauty alone won't take you to the top of modelling, just as little as it can take you to the top of the list of Hollywood stars. Professionalism, discipline and a lot of energy are also needed."

And self-confidence, she might have added. Ms Schiffer seemed to entertain no doubt that Messrs Newman, Clinton and Stallone would agree to appear on her show. No doubt they all respect her long blonde professionalism.