People: Bhutto and Ciller are Bosnia bound

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TWO of the Islamic world's most powerful women, Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani Prime Minister, and her Turkish counterpart, Tansu Ciller, want to visit Sarajevo to show their support for its beleaguered Muslims. The Pakistani Foreign Minister, Assef Ahmad Ali, said Ms Bhutto was hoping that another female leader - Margaret Thatcher - would accompany them.

'As women, as mothers and as wives, the visit of the three leaders will be a special gesture towards the brave women of Sarajevo,' Mr Ali said. The two leaders were 'very serious about it', he said, adding sternly: 'This was not small talk.'

WHEN Paulo Cesar Farias (aka P C), the fugitive campaign treasurer and fixer for the disgraced former president of Brazil, Fernando Color de Mello, was brought back home under heavy escort after six months on the run in three continents, he was ostentatiously not handcuffed, despite facing more than 30 serious criminal charges. Nor was he photographed before being sent to stand trial for corruption in Brasilia.

It transpired that his brother, Augusto, a federal deputy, had pointed out that, as a graduate, P C was entitled under the Brazilian constitution to special consideration as a prisoner, including no handcuffs, no mugshots and no bars on his cell window. Just in case anybody wanted to argue, Augusto threatened to tell what he knew about other politicians' shady dealings.

THE teenage tennis star Jennifer Capriati, who was given a police caution for shoplifting last week, was described by her coach as an 'absent-minded' girl who would never steal anything. 'When she's out there, she's always forgetting stuff,' said Tommy Thompson. 'She's the most absent-minded, non-focused kid there is. When I first heard about it, I started laughing.'

Capriati, 17, who has made dollars 1.5m ( pounds 1m) from her game, was cautioned after walking away from a jewellers with a dollars 15 ring, apparently by accident. 'Everywhere we go in the world she's always collecting rings, and this time she just forgot to give the ring back and they called the police,' her father, Stefano, said. 'Jennifer is very sorry it happened, but it was just a teenager thing . . . She didn't mean to do it.'

THE singer Michael Jackson has returned to the United States and is co-operating with authorities investigating claims he molested a young boy, according to his lawyer, Larry Feldman. The co-operation allegedly requires the superstar to have his genitals photographed, to see if his accuser's description is accurate.

The singer went to ground last month, possibly in London, seeking treatment for his addiction to pain-killers. But 'he's in town and has been in town since Friday', said Mr Feldman, confirming reports that have circulated since a private jet touched down last week at Santa Barbara airport.

WOMEN of the world, get ready: Prince wants to drive you away in his little red Corvette. The enigmatic pop star has placed not-so-personal ads in a handful of newspapers: 'Eligible bachelor seeks the most beautiful girl in the world to spend the holidays with.' It asks applicants, who must be over 18, to send videos or photos. A spokeswoman said Prince (who has changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol) was not holding a competition, and his motives would be unveiled later.

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