People: Success sours for Spielberg

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A FULL glass of straight lemon juice, drunk without grimacing, was the price Steven Spielberg paid to be inducted into the 'Order of the Smile'. The film-maker received his latest honour from Polish children for his film ET the Extra Terrestrial. After drinking the juice, Mr Spielberg was 'knighted' with the touch of a red rose to his shoulder.

'This is the best lemon juice in the world,' he said in Warsaw, smiling after withstanding the test. The Order of the Smile was established in 1968 by a then-popular daily, Kurier Polski, to thank Polish and foreign actors, writers and others for their work for children. So far, 380 smiling yellow suns have been awarded, 78 to foreigners, including Pope John Paul, Peter Ustinov, Astrid Lindgren and Mikhail Gorbachev.

OFFERING a more appetising drink in Rotterdam was Ria Lubbers, the wife of the Dutch Prime Minister. Mrs Lubbers returned home to find a group of students picketing in protest against planned cuts in government grants and abolition of unemployment benefits to those under 21.

Instead of calling security men to have them removed, Mrs Lubbers produced three bottles of wine and offered the students a drink, then stayed to chat with them for two hours. 'It was nice of her to come outside,' said one of the protesters. 'We felt it as support.'

'We could have chased them away,' said a spokesman for the Prime Minister, Ruud Lubbers, 'but it's probably a bit Dutch not to.'

MISS FRANCE, Delphine Carre, has been stripped of her sash, her tiara and her title for exhibiting 'star caprices' at the Cannes Film Festival. So, what exactly were Miss Carre's 'rigorously forbidden' actions? Pageant officials said she complained that photographers' camera flashes hurt her eyes, she wanted to be paid for photo shoots and she wore 'street attire' because her feet hurt.

THE JOB only pays dollars 200 ( pounds 130) a month, but more than 25 people applied to be the new keeper of Mike Tyson's homing pigeons. The former world heavyweight boxing champion, who is serving a six-year jail sentence for rape, keeps 150 pigeons in Catskill, New York. Whoever gets the job offered by the jailbird will have to clean the coop, feed the pigeons and continue their training.