Police end search at Kenya train crash site

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DARAJANI, Kenya (Reuter) - Police ended their search for bodies at the site of Kenya's worst train crash yesterday and moved down the flooded Ndethia Geithia (God Save Us) river which swept the Mombasa-Nairobi express away.

At least 117 people are known to have perished on Saturday after a flash flood swept the engine and five coaches of the night train carrying some 600 passengers off a bridge. But with more than 180 people still unaccounted for, the final death toll could still be much higher, officials said. Many of the missing are believed to have been washed downstream. Others staggered off shocked into the inhospitable bush before rescuers reached the scene 10 hours after the crash. Police Commissioner Philip Kilonzo said rescue teams had worked through the wreckage and removed all the bodies. Officials say around 200 people are known to have survived.