9/11: A day to remember

Five years on, America mourns - and the 'war on terror' impacts worldwide
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United States, 8.46AM

Quiet descends on Ground Zero at the moment at which AA Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Centre five years ago, the first of four silences held throughout the morning. President George Bush vows to "defeat an ideology of hate with an ideology of hope".

Britain, 10am

At RAF Brize Norton, the flag-draped coffins of five British soldiers killed in suicide attacks by Taliban militants are repatriated. Weeping relatives greet the bodies as they land, mourning the victims of the worst violence yet in Helmand province.

Iraq, 10.30am

At least 12 Iraqi army recruits die in Baghdad when a suicide bomber boards a minibus transporting them through the capital from a military base often targeted by insurgents. Shoes and shreds of clothing are strewn around the wreckage. Across the city, Saddam Hussein is back in the dock accused of genocide against the Iraqi Kurds during a brutal 1980s crackdown.

Lebanon, 1.58pm

A heckler at a press conference accuses Tony Blair of complicity in Israel's invasion. Thousands of other demonstrators are on the streets chanting: "Blair, you are a killer."

Qatar, 12.30pm

Al-Qa'ida's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, releases a video through al-Jazeera TV warning that Israel and Gulf state allies of the US will be the next targets for terrorist attack.

Afghanistan, 3.50pm

Five policemen and a 12-year-old boy killed in suicide bomb attack in Tani at funeral for a provincial governor murdered on Sunday.