Blair gave Bush ... a £90 Burberry sweater

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George Bush said it was "awfully thoughtful" of Tony Blair, who joked that he himself had knitted the sweater he gave his American friend - but now the truth may be out.

The jumper that the British Prime Minister presented to the President of the United States on the occasion of his birthday was last night reported to be ... a £90 Burberry.

One of the more minor, but intriguing, mysteries of contemporary international diplomacy has apparently been solved by a Sunday newspaper. Quoting sources - whether within or without the world of knitwear is not known - The Sunday Telegraph identified it as a cheaper model from the new collection of the Burberry London range.

The sweater featured in the two leaders' private conversation at last week's G8 summit broadcast on an open mike. The President was heard to say: "Thanks for the sweater - it's awfully thoughtful of you", before joking: "I know you picked it out yourself." Mr Blair replied "Absolutely - in fact, I knitted it!"

Last night, Burberry was said to be refusing to comment and No 10 would be drawn neither on the make nor colour of the prime ministerial gift to Mr Bush.Perhaps the world can now achieve closure on this issue, and, to borrow Prime Minister's phrase "move on".