G8 Diary: 28/06/2010

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Indy Politics

* Fresh from his ride to Toronto aboard Marine One with Barack Obama, the Prime Minister drew the lace curtains to glimpse the view from his room at the Royal York Hotel. Rather than seagulls and the rippling waters of Lake Ontario, the vista was one of marching riot police and black-masked protesters torching police cars. Shortly afterwards, when the PM was contemplating some fresh air, he was told to return to his room and shut the windows because of passing clouds of teargas.

* The football subplot to the summit looked set to get tricky after the disallowed England goal. The PM couldn't resist saying something about it. "The country will wonder 'what if?' after Frank Lampard's disallowed goal, but it was a disappointing result," he said. Nor did the linesman's bad call pass Angela Merkel by. "Sorry about that," she told Mr Cameron after the two leaders watched the match together. She later professed to feeling "moved" after her national team's victory. "I think today, legs and heads were working very well." Well, German heads and legs, anyway.

* George Osborne does not carry a red box when he is abroad. No, over his shoulder on Saturday night dangled something quite different – a plastic vuvuzuela given to him by the delegation from South Africa. He was even spotted raising it to his lips, his cheeks filling with wind, in the bar of the PM's hotel when a press aide rushed into the breach and grabbed it, with a "I'll look after that for you, Chancellor".