Press leaves PM out in the cold in New York

Diary: The US Visit

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Reporters trailing David Cameron in New York were disappointed with the nippy weather. So they decided against waiting for him at Ground Zero and fled to the warmer climes of New York University, where he was expected later.


Obama's guard dog...

A column in The Washington Post recalled those days when Tony Blair was likened to a certain French breed in the lap of George Bush. It said the PM has been so supportive of Obama he might as well have "cut a campaign ad" and that "Cameron seems to be serving as Obama's guard dog, defending his American master against the Mitt Romneys and the Rick Santora".


(Not) a lot of bottle

A crucial question no one thought to ask: what fine wines did you sip at the State Dinner? The White House merely noted that "American wines" would be served. The dearth of detail was deliberate. When officials revealed last year that a similar gala for the Chinese President Hu Jintao would feature a 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon (also American), that had been selling at $114 (£72) suddenly leapt to $399. Prices rises, whether for petrol or wine, are discouraged.