Soaring temperatures at G20 summit have left residents angry in Brisbane

Residents are furious that despite temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees security are delaying people throughout the city

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Scorching temperatures of around 40 degrees at the G20 Summit have left police sweltering and residents fuming that they have been trapped by road blocks.

The heat has particularly boiled security and police officers who have been left out in the sun without shade. Just outside the conference centre, the Independent heard two security guards chant to their mutual amusement: "What to do we want? Air conditioning. When do we want it? Now."

City residents, visitors, media and delegates have found themselves trapped on small corners pavement as police cordoned off roads for up to an hour at a time to allow presidential and prime ministerial motorcades through.

There could be as long as 10-15 minutes between motorcades, but still officers were not allowed to let people across the road and finding alternative routes or places to rest is almost impossible in some areas.

As well as being exposed to the sun with little available shade in many parts of central Brisbane, local workers have found that their usual 30 minute journey into work has taken as long as two hours.

Luke, a barman at the Pig 'n' Whistle English pub on the city's main drag, Queen Street Mall, found delays so bad last night that he and his colleagues missed their last trains and buses.

Instead, they spent the night drinking in town, returning home for a brief sleep in the morning before heading back to work.