Whither the architects of war?

One by one, they are falling victim to conflict they engineered. Bush and Blair remain - for now
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Richard Armitage

Colin Powell's number two quit at the same time as his boss after the 2004 election.

Jose Maria Aznar

Spanish PM. Victim of Islamic extremism caused by war. Ousted after Madrid bombs.

Silvio Berlusconi

Big backer of the war, sending 2,000 Italian troops. Cost him his job as PM this April.

Tony Blair

In last year of premiership. Still insists war was right, but it will be his unwanted legacy.

John Bolton

The neocons' darling as ambassador to the UN. Infuriated Powell and Armitage.

Paul Bremer

Ran Iraq's civilian affairs after war. Crucially, disbanded Iraqi army. Seen as a failure.

George Bush

Iraq buck stops here. Has two years left in office with hostile Congress. Lame duck.

Alastair Campbell

Brilliant PR reputation lost in row over 'sexing up' dossier on case for war. Later quit.

Ahmed Chalabi

CIA adviser behind 'evidence' of weapons of mass destruction. Failed to win Iraq seat.


Arch neocon, and key foreign policy voice. Despite war fiasco, will remain Vice-President.

Iain Duncan Smith

Backing for war crucial. Limits Tories' scope to criticise now. Dumped as leader in 2004.

Jay Garner

US general supposed to lead the occupation. Replaced after a month as violence flared.

Lord Goldsmith

Friend of Blair. Despite doubts, eventually ruled war legal. Still Attorney General

Sir Jeremy Greenstock

As UK ambassador to the UN, tried to build coalition for war. Now works for think-tank.

Geoff Hoon

Loyal Defence Secretary demoted to be Leader of Commons. Now Europe minister.

Sir Christopher Meyer

Was UK ambassador in US. Currently heads PCC, press watchdog. Has become war critic.

Colin Powell

Secretary of State's February 2003 speech to UN making case for war was untrue. Retired.

Condoleezza Rice

Replaced Powell. No fan of Cheney-Rumsfeld agenda. But has never objected.

Donald Rumsfeld

Ruthless US Defence Secretary. Tried to redefine US Army. Paid with job for war fiasco.

John Scarlett

Allowed 'sexing up' of dossier making case for war. Reward? Promotion. Heads MI6.

Jack Straw

As Foreign Secretary, loyally backed Blair's Iraq strategy. His payback was demotion.

George Tenet

CIA chief called case for Iraq's weapons of mass destruction "a slam dunk". Sacked.

John Williams

Foreign Office spin doctor who wrote a draft of the WMD dossier. Now a freelance journalist.

Paul Wolfowitz

Deputy at Defence. Neo-con and intellectual force behind war. Went to World Bank.