Postcard from... Beirut


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As Lebanese took to the slopes in the aftermath of one of the heaviest snow storms to hit the region in decades, tragedy rocked the picturesque skiing village of Kfardebian.

Yves Nawfal, in his late 20s, was celebrating his birthday at a pub when he got into a fight with another patron – according to sources, a man named Khalil. Witnesses said Mr Khalil later tried to block Mr Nawfal’s car on the winding mountain road through the town and when that failed, he allegedly fired 17 bullets at Mr Nawfal’s convoy of two cars.

They said four hit Mr Nawfal who, after being rushed to hospital, died a few hours later.

Those trying to report the crime said they found police cars snowed up and officers unwilling to accompany Mr Nawfal to hospital.

The alleged killer’s name is being widely shared in the media. A year ago, 27-year-old Mr Khalil reportedly carried out a similar shooting but was never punished.

Now, he has reportedly sought refuge in the house of an unnamed powerful individual, presumed to be a politician. As such, the Lebanese know that in the country’s climate of the powerful’s protection from the law, any manhunt is futile. Instead, they have turned to the internet, seeking to gain support through the #justiceforyves campaign.