Postcard from... Saarbrücken


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The scene was a birthday party held in Saarbrücken – a town close to Germany’s border with France which boasts one of the largest brothels in Europe. One of the guests was Peter Marx, the general secretary of Germany’s far-right, racist National Democratic Party (NPD). He was photographed alongside two scantily clad women waving sparklers. A striptease artist  performed while a birthday cake in the shape of a penis was cut up.

Unfortunately the photos made it on to the internet creating almost instantly what has since been referred to as the “Saarbrücken penis cake affair”.  Mr Marx was forced to resign at the weekend after the NPD leadership ruled that the photographs were “distasteful”.

Yet the “penis cake” affair is not the first sex scandal to upset the NPD. The party has also been rocked by the activities of Ina Groll, a blonde sex artiste known as “Kitty Blair” who made promotional films for the NPD using the slogan: “Nationalism can also be sexy”.  Ms Groll provoked fury within the NPD last month after it emerged that she had sex with a pornography artist in one of her films. She was also at the Saarbrücken birthday party. The NPD has now declared her persona non grata. Not that she cares much. Ms Groll was never an NPD member anyway.