Postcard from... San Francisco


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Someone is dropping envelopes full of cash across the city - and causing a frenzy on social media. An anonymous man with the Twitter handle @HiddenCash has been hiding money since last Friday, leading scores on a scavenger hunt. His Twitter following has exploded from a few hundred on Friday to more than 80,000 and counting now.

One of his clues told his followers to “find Mr. Franklin along the ‘crookedest street,’ (towards the bottom).”

Translation: There was a $100 bill at the bottom of Lombard Street, the popular tourist thoroughfare known as the “Crookedest Street in The World.”

Hidden Cash’s anonymous creator said his giveaways are a “social experiment for good.” He claims to make his money from San Francisco’s lucrative real estate market and hopes that winners also “pay it forward”.  Two of his winners have done just that.

Sergio Loza, 28,  found an envelope with $50 inside taped to a parking meter and spent $30 on clothes for his two-year-old niece’s birthday and gave her the remaining $20 too. Adam Wenger, 27, found $200 and bought pizza for his workmates.  @HiddenCash is now said to be planning plan to leave envelopes in Los Angeles this weekend and New York City next month.  AP