President suspends Kenya's parliament

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NAIROBI (Reuter) - President Daniel arap Moi of Kenya abruptly suspended parliament on the day after it admitted the first opposition members for more than a quarter of a century. The opposition has accused Mr Moi of rigging the multi-party elections last month and cheating them of power. The polls returned 88 opposition MPs, while the ruling Kanu party won 95 seats and five are still disputed.

'Moi has developed cold feet at the eagerness with which the opposition was ready to get down to work in parliament. His decision is arbitrary and is designed to undermine the legislature's authority and subvert its work,' said Paul Muite of the Ford-Kenya party.

Parliamentary officials and members of Kanu said the house had been suspended because it had yet to agree on an agenda or timetable. Mr Moi would set a date for the opening, and wanted newly- elected members to return to their constituencies in the meantime.