Red Cross flies two from camp

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Marj al-Zohour (Reuter) - Two officials of the International Committee of the Red Cross evacuated a sick Palestinian deportee, and another whom Israel expelled in error, by helicopter yesterday from the freezing, rain- soaked camp in no man's land, south of Lebanon.

The officials took Zuheir Labbadah, 31, and Bassem as- Siyuri, 16, to Naqoura in Israel's self-proclaimed security zone. Mr Labbadah, who suffers from kidney problems, was to be admitted to an Israeli hospital. Mr Siyuri, who was deported by mistake, was to return to his home in Hebron, in the West Bank. During their four-hour visit to the camp, the officials made checks on the general and medical condition of the 413 deportees.

The Israeli Defence Ministry said it would allow the Red Cross to fly another nine mistakenly deported Palestinians to the security zone today.