Refugee crisis: Posters debunking common rumours appear in Rathmines, Dublin

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Posters debunking seven widely-spread rumours about refugees are reportedly being put up around in an area of Dublin, Ireland

Emer Sugrue, a journalist at the Irish Times, posted a photo of one of the posters on Twitter which she said appeared in Rathmines. 

Featuring the hashtag #refugeeswelcome, it reads: "You don’t want refugees here? Let’s debunk the rumours."

The seven debunked rumours are as follows:

1)   “We don’t have space”

Debunk: “There are over 250,000 empty homes in the country”

2)   “What about our own?”

Debunk: “1 in 6 people born in Ireland live abroad; the world looks after ‘our own’. GO FIGURE…”

3)   “They’re not real refugees; They have smartphones

Debunk: “Fleeing persecution, not poverty”

4)   “Can’t they go somewhere else?”

Debunk: “Turkey: 1.8m Lebanon: 1.2m Jordan: 600k. THEY DO.”

5)   “Refugees = Isis”

Debunk: “Isis? In a dinghy? You must be joking! They’d fly – with forged papers”

6)   “Why are there so many men?”

Debunk: “They risk the journey first to pay for their families safe journey later”

7)   “Providing rescue attracts more refugees”

Debunk: “They must and will flee – whether we help or not”

The poster ends with a quote by Warsan Shire: "No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land."

Last month it was announced that the Republic of Ireland would take in “at least” 1,800 refugees, trebling original plans to accept 600 refugees over the next two years.