Roh returns in triumph

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SEOUL (Reuter) - President Roh Tae Woo of South Korea returned here yesterday after a historic trip to China and said his visit completed his diplomatic 'northern' policy of reconciliation with former foes. Mr Roh said his trip would also further the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula, split after the Second World War into Communist and capitalist halves.

Mr Roh met Chinese leaders during his visit and the two countries signed several accords, including trade and investment and scientific and technological co-operation. The visit was the first by a South Korean president to China and was the crowning achievement of his diplomacy aimed at isolating North Korea by establishing ties with Pyongyang's friends in the Communist world. China is North Korea's last important ally and Seoul is counting on its support to steer Pyongyang towards reunification and away from any ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons.