Russian polar bear air-lifted away after begging for food at oil rig

Video: The female bear was constantly looking for milk and canned meat

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A young female polar bear has been tranquilized and transported away from an oil field in the Russian Arctic after constantly harassing residents for food.

The two-year-old creature began appearing at the Toboyskoye oil field in the Nenets Autonomous Region of the Russian Arctic looking for food, scouring the oil depot's facility for something to eat.

Having initially been given some food and then carried away, the polar bear returned. She then reappeared several more times despite being carried away every on every ocassion.

The bear was apparently eager to get her hands on more milk and canned meat.

Eventually, the team at the oil depot decided to shoot the bear with a tranquilizer dart and then transport the 44-pound beast away from the area by helicopter.

Local media in the Arctic region report that the bear is likely to go to a zoo or be placed on an island away from the Toboyskoye oil field.

Additional reporting by the AP.