School shooting linked to family feud

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DUTCH POLICE investigating the shooting of five people at a school in the southern town of Veghel were told yesterday that the attack was linked to a long-running feud between rival Turkish families.

The brother of one of the victims - a 19-year-old who appears to have been the main target - said his family had feared an attack for months and had sought police protection, first in August and again on the eve of Tuesday's shooting. The other family were believed to be upset that their 15-year-old daughter had become romantically involved with the 19- year-old.

All five victims of the shooting - four students and a teacher - remained in hospital yesterday. The condition of one student was said to be critical.

Police are questioning a 17-year-old suspect and his father, who allegedly drove his son to school, waited outside in the family's Mercedes while the shooting took place, then took him to the police station to surrender. Police did not say whether the father was likely to be charged as an accessory. No names were released in line with Dutch privacy laws.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that the family of one of the victims had requested protection but said it was not given because there were insufficient grounds to justify it. (AP)