Secondhand thrills for sale : FLAT EARTH

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WANT to buy a used Ford Bronco? There's a white one for sale in California, but don't expect to pay less than a six-figure sum for it. No, it doesn't have a gold-plated steering wheel or diamond-studded hubcaps. What's on offer is simply the most famous Bronco in the world - the one that captivated an international television audience last 17 June when its owner, Al Cowlings, drove his friend O J Simpson along the freeways of Los Angeles, followed by dozens of police cars and media helicopters. "Ever since `The Ride', people have called asking if they could buy the Bronco," said Cowlings's lawyer, Donald Re. OJ's former Buffalo Bills teammate isn't able to use it any more ``because it's the most recognisable car in America."

Cowlings's car is not to be confused with Simpson's own white Bronco, in which police say they found blood spots. It is still being held as evidence in the double-murder case.