Shared goals, mutual promises

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Key sections of the "Founding Act on mutual relations, co-operation and security between Nato and the Russian Federation".

Nato and Russia do not consider each other as adversaries. They share the goal of overcoming the vestiges of earlier confrontation and competition ... this commitment at the highest political level marks the beginning of a fundamentally new relationship between Nato and Russia.

Provisions of this document do not provide Nato or Russia in any way with a right of veto over the actions of the other, nor do they infringe upon or restrict the rights of Nato or Russia to independent decision- making and action. They cannot be used as a means to disadvantage the interests of other states.

In building their relationship, Nato and Russia will focus on specific areas of mutual interest. They will consult and strive to cooperate to the broadest possible degree in the following areas:

The member states of Nato reiterate they have no intention, no plan and no reason to deploy nuclear weapons on the territory of new members ...

Nato and Russia will expand political-military consultations and co-operation through the Permanent Joint Council ...