`Son of God' killed Dahmer

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Portage, Wisconsin, (AFP) - A fellow prisoner was charged with using a steel bar to bludgeon to death Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer who dismembered his victims and ate parts of them. Christopher Scarver, 25, was also charged with killing anoth er prisoner, Jesse Anderson, jailed for murdering his wife. The bodies of both men were found on November 28.

"God told me to do it," Scarver, who is serving a life sentence for murder, told prison authorities. Scarver said he believed he was the son of God because his name was Chris, the name of the woman who raised him was Mary and he worked as a carpenter.

Dahmer, the 34-year-old Milwaukee man who admitted killing and dismembering 17 men and boys, was found beaten to death in a locker room he had been cleaning just off a prison gymnasium. Anderson, 37, was attacked in a nearby shower room.