South Lebanon hit by shells

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TYRE (Reuter) - Israeli gunners shelled suspected guerrilla positions in south Lebanon after waves of Katyusha rockets hit Israel.

A UN spokesman said up to 20 artillery shells exploded near Majdel Slim village just outside Israel's nine-mile wide occupation zone. There was no immediate report of casualties. A security source in the south said an Israeli helicopter or plane fired two missiles.

The Katyushas struck after Lebanese Islamic guerrillas fired five waves of the missiles into northern and western Israel but caused no casualties. The salvoes appeared to be in response to shelling by Israel and its client, the South Lebanon Army, on Wednesday.

Lebanon's Foreign Minister, Fares Bweiz, said on Thursday that the Israelis shelled the south in reprisal for a bus bombing in Tel Aviv earlier on Wednesday in which 21 Israelis were killed.

Israel undertook last year not to shell villages in south Lebanon outside the buffer zone and Muslim guerrillas pledged not to rocket northern Israel.