Stolen kangaroos hop back to circus

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Warsaw (Reuters) - Two boxing kangaroos which vanished from a travelling circus in the town of Nowy Dwor, in central Poland, have been found and returned in good shape, police said yesterday.

Witold Gieralt, a police spokesman, said that the kangaroos were found late on Tuesday, the same day they went missing.

Stanislaw Zalewski, the circus director, suspected that the kangaroos had been deliberately released from their cage.

"Undoubtedly they were stolen ... I don't think it could be any of the [circus] employees. It was a hooligan or someone with a peculiar sense of humour," he said.

While the male kangaroos Gin and Tonic were at large, police warned the public not to approach them because they were experts with their fists.

In fact, both came quietly when caught and their Russian trainer, identified only as Lena, denied they were vicious. "They're as gentle as children, as rabbits," she told Rzeczpospolita daily.