Sudan riots: Troops deployed around gas stations as death toll hits 30

Rioting has broke out across Khartoum after fuel prices were hiked up

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Sudanese authorities have deployed troops around vital installations and gas stations in Khartoum following days of rioting over gas price hikes that left at least 30 dead.

Violent protests erupted in Sudan on Monday when President Omar al-Bashir's government cut fuel subsidies.

The president announced the cuts on Sunday. He said the subsidies posed a danger to the entire Sudanese economy. 

Sudan's economy has struggled since the secession of oil-producing South Sudan in 2011. 

The governor of Gezira state, where protests first broke out on Monday, said the unrest was “premeditated” and that rioters attacked electricity and fuel stations and tried to loot banks and stores, the Sudanese Media Center reported on Wednesday.

Thousands of protesters torched cars and petrol stations in central areas of the capital yesterday, sending thick plumes of black smoke into the air.

Stores across the city have been looted.

The army also reinforced positions earlier today around military headquarters in the capital and along the city's university road, which is close to the presidential palace.

Hospital officials and activists speaking on the condition of anonymity say at least 30 have been killed since protests began, mostly in the city. They spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to talk to media.

The Khartoum region was quiet by late morning.

Additional reporting by Reuters