Tanker collision in Bosphorus

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An oil tanker and a freighter exploded in flames and ran aground after colliding in Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait last night in one of the worst accidents there for 15 years, Reuter reports from Istanbul. At least 14 crew members were injured, officials said. Port officials named the oil tanker as the 66,000-tonne Nassia and the freighter as the Sea Broker, both Cyprus-flagged. They said the Nassia had run aground on the European side and the cargo ship on the Asian shore after the accident. Turkish television said the fire on the Sea Broker had been put out and spilled crude oil had also burned itself out, but the Nassia was still blazing fiercely. Anatolian news agency said crew members had been heard screaming for help. At least 14 injured sailors were rescued and taken to hospital. There was no word on any fatalities.