The state of the art

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THIS is a complete list, supplied by the Uffizi Gallery, of artworks destroyed or damaged.

Paintings destroyed: Birth of Christ by Gherardo Delle Notti; Card Players, also known as La Buona Ventura, and Concert, by Bartolomeo Manfredi.

Paintings damaged: Death of Adonis by Sebastiano del Piombo; Piramo and Tisbe by Gregorio Pagani; Henry IV at the Battle of Ivry and Portrait of Philippe IV of Spain by Peter Paul Rubens; Port with the Villa Medici, by C Lorrain; Head of an Angel by Giovanni Bernini; Portrait of Giovanni Della Casa by Cristofano dell'Altissimo; Adoration of Child, La Buona Ventura and Supper with the Lute Players by Delle Notti; Tribute to Caesar and Dispute with the Doctors by Manfredi; Death of Lucrezia by F Rustici; Judith and Holofernes and Saint Catherine by A Gentileschi; David with the Head of Goliath by Guido Reni; Parable of the Wedding Gift by Bern Strozzi; Still-life by Empoli; Massinissa and Sofonisba by Rutilio Manetti; David Celebrated by the Children and David Placates the Wrath of Saul by G B Spinelli; Scene of a Game by Renier; Disbelief of Saint Thomas and Liberation of Saint Peter by the School of Caravaggio; Dice Players by Valentin; Battle of Radicofani by Borgognone; Flowers, Flowers by M Caffi; Disposizione nel Sepolcro by Van Der Weyden.

Statues damaged: Dying Niobe (Hellenic); Head of a Young Man (Roman); The Discus Thrower of Mirone (copy).