'TILT' leaning platform in Chicago gives view of Magnificent Mile 1000ft above the city


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Tourists in Chicago have been braving the US city’s latest, and possibly most stomach churning, attraction – a 1000ft-high viewing platform which leans forwards from a skyscraper.

Opened officially on Saturday, the ‘TILT’ platform installed inside 360 Chicago, formerly the John Hancock building, offers an almost-birds-eye perspective of the Magnificent Mile stretch in the Illinois city.

The attraction on the 94th floor is reached via the fastest elevator in North America.

To experience the heady view, visitors must grab onto two steel poles as the podium beneath their feet gradually moves 30 degrees forward.

Tourists are kept safe from the 304m-drop (1000ft) with the aid of three layers of tempered glass.

However, with a £3-for-a-minute price tag, the cost is almost as heart-stopping as the experience.

Patrick Abisseror, CEO of Montparnasse 56 Group, which owns 360 CHICAGO, said: “We had a vision for elevating the experience, and providing memories for guests that will last a lifetime.“

TILT is yet another example of the innovative and forward-thinking vision of Montparnasse 56 Group.”

The TILT platform at Chicago 360