Tokyo students jeer UN chief

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TOKYO (Reuter) - Left-wing students gave Boutros Boutros- Ghali, the UN Secretary-General, a rude welcome yesterday when he visited a Japanese university to accept an honorary degree. 'Don't allow B-Ghali inside our campus,' a dozen students chanted over loudspeakers outside Waseda University in Tokyo. 'Protect our peace constitution]' Before coming to Tokyo, Mr Boutros- Ghali was quoted in Japanese dailies as saying he favoured a revision of Japan's 1947 pacifist constitution to allow Tokyo to commit more troops to UN peace-keeping activities.

Later, Mr Boutros-Ghali opened the new headquarters of the UN University in Tokyo. Created in 1973, the headquarters of the university was opened in 1975 at temporary offices in Tokyo. Its research activities range from ecology to ethnic conflicts. 'The UN University should never become an ivory tower,' Mr Bhoutros-Ghali said.