'Told to kill Bush'

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An Iraqi testified on Saturday that Iraqi intelligence agents ordered him to drive an explosives-laden Jeep into Kuwait and assassinate George Bush, the former US president, agencies report from Kuwait City.

'They told me to kill Bush,' Wali al-Ghazali, a 36-year-old nurse, told the court as he went on trial with 13 other Iraqis and Kuwaitis accused of plotting to kill Mr Bush. Mr Ghazali and another Iraqi, Raad al-Assadi, pleaded guilty. The other 12 pleaded not guilty. The trial was adjourned until 26 June.

Meanwhile, a state security court passed death sentences on Iraq's puppet prime minister in occupied Kuwait and five Iraqis convicted of aiding the invaders. Kuwaiti Colonel Alaa Hussein Khafaaji, who was named prime minister, commander- in-chief and acting minister of defence and interior, was sentenced on Saturday in his absence. He is believed to be living in Iraq.